School Bullying Program

The way in which bullying has been handled has barely changed in decades, the same methods are used to “control” bullies. One latest fad is to teach “respectful relationships” – bullies already know how to be respectful, they just  choose not to – especially when the teacher’s back is turned. “Laying down the law and stating clearly what is  expected” – it’s far too late to be teaching that to anyone older than 10 years of age. Bullying is an overt  behaviour, ignoring the problem or victim blaming/punishing has only bought us to today where 1 in 3 children will become a victim of bullying.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has declared that all schools worldwide should be a safe learning environment by 2030. Unfortunately they have not included a plan of HOW to end bullying and violence. 

Without adequate training, bullies will always be bullies and victims will always be victims. The longer a bully is allowed to be a bully, the more they will develop their skills and are harder to retrain. The longer a victim is ignored by the system, the harder it will be to help them. We can stop this never ending vicious circle before a child leaves school, making them a more productive member of society, reducing the statistics of workplace bullying and domestic and family violence. 
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School Bullying Program     
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