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What are we really scared of?
Editorial Review

In Brenda Turner’s book, Bullying What are we really scared of?, she explores the subject of bullying. This self-help book leaves no stone unturned, giving insights into the psyches of both bullies and their victims. By sharing snippets from her life, societal facts, and even information from court proceedings, she paints a clear picture of how bullying has evolved over the years. 
As you read this book from page to page, you come to understand the different types of bullies, what motivates them, and how to defend yourself against them. And I must say, never has an author laid out such a clear and actionable defense plan before. 
As a person who has been bullied before, I deeply relate to the situations painted in this book. From all the stories and statistics that she provides, I can clearly see that the author not only has extensive personal knowledge of the subject matter but also that she constantly does the necessary research to understand it better. She even goes as far as attaching links to research materials. 
While this book is thoroughly comprehensive and relatable, I still feel a lot more could be done to pull a reader in. For instance, how the source links are placed in the middle of text with neither warning nor acknowledgment is quite destabilizing. Also, the text seems to get away from the title of the chapter. In this regard, I would have preferred shorter, clearer, and more concise paragraphs. However, I still feel that the author did a good job of breaking down such a complex topic. 
However, what I truly love about this book is its action-based approach. The fact that it doesn’t paint victims as helpless individuals but rather as people who can fight back and defeat their oppressors is quite refreshing. In my opinion, it is this single quality that transforms this book from a hopeless doomy piece into a hopeful one. 
Apart from hope and the triumph of good against evil, another recurring theme in this narrative is the importance of the family unit’s independence. In this regard, the author iterates again and again the dangers of the government dictating how parents should run their households.

Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief, Literary Titan
Editorial Review

"Bullying: What are we really scared of? is a highly informative, helpful book that helps readers deal with bullying effectively. Author, Brenda Turner, encompasses all aspects of bullying in the book, including the truth about bullies, ways to overcome bullying and the various levels of bullying. It not only teaches readers everything there is to know about the matter, but also features the author’s personal experiences which adds a more personal feel to the book.

Turner skilfully delivers the information with simplicity and straight-forwardness while offering practical and action based methods to prevent or stop bullying. Overall, Bullying: What are we really scared of? is a well-written book that gives readers valuable insights into the issue of bullying.” “The contents of the book are accurate, well thought-out and well-researched." “The contents of the book appeals to its target audience and is in line with other highly regarded books in its genre." 

Elite Choice Book Awards.
Elite Choice Awards Winner
"Thank you for allowing me to peruse your book on bullying. I found it both informative and challenging. I was particularly interested in your inclusion of domestic violence, cyber bullying and political machinations as areas with their origins in schoolyard tactics. 

It is clearly a topic of great importance and you are right to draw attention to it and its potentially devastating consequences. Of course, your emphasis on understanding the bully (as opposed to 'the bullied') is an important twist that will hopefully give these 'victims' more insight into the tactics being used against them.”
Dr Jane Buschkens B Psych (Hons), PhD, MAPS, MIACN (Cert) Registered Psychologist"
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“It is very relevant” 
Mr Shane Knuth MP, Member for Hill, Queensland Parlia
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"Great book for anyone interested in the problem of bullying. From start to finish I mean as a student in school, college and then at your workplace. This book will give you realistic solution to your bullying problems. When I started to read this book, I got few requests from my colleagues, friends to share this one with them. So the subject is interesting to everyone and all of them would like to read this book. If you have issues, don't get scared. This book will give you solution to your bullying problems. I LOVED THIS ONE.

Can I make that any clearer? Who hasn't had their days of being bullied? Who doesn't have a tale to tell? I recall one of my friend being slammed into a locker/room my freshman year. I will never forget the tears of rage that burned his eyes or a fury that was unleashed in his veins. Thankfully he let that taunting go only one more day before he stood up to her and put an end to it. Not everyone has the courage to take that stand or the opportunity. Bullying is something I will not tolerate on any other person, and that is why my heart made a jump at the mention of the buff friend that stands up to the bullied. I think many youngsters would feel identified and get a lot of fun thinking about what they would do if they had magical powers to solve their problems. A nice read will recommend to everyone." 
Jayalakshmy K
Source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26464289-bullying

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"I usually run through reading a book. This one however, really gave me pause to think. Brenda Turner is on a mission and you can tell that's why she writes with such passion and conviction. Not only does she cite real life examples of bullying behaviour, she also analyses the whys and wherefores of the psyches behind both the victims and the bullies and sets forth examples of how to tackle and resolve it. Kudos to her.  
Another feather she can claim lies in the fact that she acknowledges the need of the hour to be authoritarian institutions which must come forth and rarely around educational policies to implement and put in place features which will prevent the rise of bullying as well as establish safe havens and recovery processes for the victims."  
Source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26464289-bullying
Friendships not racism
"Your book should be given out at domestic violence centres. My quality of life has improved dramatically since reading your book." 
Miss Kitty
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Bullies Don't Hurt Me Anymore Title Text
Editorial Review

"Young Jax is being bullied and he doesn't know how to handle it. Luckily, Richard has experienced bullying before and shares his words of wisdom with Jax. Richard helps Jax identify different types of bullies, understand why bullies do what they do, and shows Jax how to take appropriate steps to stop the bullying. By the end, Jax feels much more confident in himself and his ability to handle a bully. 
Author Brenda Turner has created an informative children's book that focuses on explaining to young readers what a bully is, how and why they act, and what actions they can take to stop a bully. The book goes into detail on each subject and provides helpful examples on each piece of advice that is given. This is a comprehensive book that informs and empowers children by giving them the emotional and intellectual tools they will need to handle a bully and strengthen their self-esteem. 
Each page of this enlightening picture book is illustrated. Characters emotions are easy to identify and I really enjoyed the diverse cast of characters that are present throughout the pages. Each scene illustrates the points being made in the accompanying text, and it all serves to really drive the point home so that children can fully understand what they are reading. 
Bullies Don't Hurt Me Anymore is a critical resource for any parent who thinks their child might be the victim of a bully. The story in itself is very helpful for children, but the book also contains tools for parents at the back of the book that includes things like, how to tell if a child is being bullied, punishments, and self-defense. This is an educational children's book that shares a lot of great advice that can help stop bullying."  

Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief, Literary Titan
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