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Bullies won’t hurt you anymore
Most of us have been bullied at some point in our lives, it’s how we deal with it that determines whether the bully moves onto someone else or becomes our living nightmare. Bullying is relentless and can have devastating effects, sometimes it can become a matter of life or death. 
Bullying is the scourge of our society, its negative effects are felt throughout our entire being, we feel frightened, sad, helpless and alone. It doesn’t have to be this way, you have the ability to stop it, you just need to know how. 

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Billions of people worldwide experience bullying in some form, at school, at home, at work or online. A snapshot of statistics over the past 50 years shows the system has not been able to stop the bullies, instead it seems the opposite is true, it’s been “allowed” to flourish. There appears to be an inconsistent approach and as some of you have seen, a rewards system whereby bad behaviour is rewarded and good behaviour being punished has led to even more bullies being created. Why bother being good when the system rewards bad behaviour?  
If we are to have any chance at stopping the bullies, we had best learn how to defend ourselves without getting punished for doing so. Until now there has not been any real focus on the bully – why they do it, how they do it, what specific tools they use and why they are so successful. I spent far too many years being a victim before I realised, there is a far better way to deal with bullying.  
Bullies Don’t Hurt Me Anymore is a children’s book (ages 4-8) which helps children learn how to stop bullies before they start school, where bullying begins to have a real impact. This Educational book is in story format in which children can relate to the characters which helps give them the skills required to be disaffected and be able to discuss bullying with their parents, giving them a voice that needs to be heard.  
As children age, bullying becomes more aggressive and more complicated, these early learning techniques need to be expanded upon to keep them safe. Bullying What are we really scared of? for ages 8 + helps victims solve their own bullying problems by showing how to overcome their fears and stop the bullies easily, legally and safely. Just as importantly, it teaches victims how to muster support around them and how to avoid punishment for stopping an abusive person from hurting them. Victims do have rights, more than the bully, but we are not treated with such dignity.  
It is surprising how many people brush off bullying behaviour, stating “that’s not bullying” or “that’s not domestic violence”. Any behaviour that is intended to control another person is bullying. Some of these behaviours can be found listed in the
Power and Control Wheel
Without proper intervention and retraining, schoolyard bullies go onto being workplace bullies and domestic violence perpetrators. The statistics of women and children who are killed by these “bullies” is skyrocketing.  
Bullying What are we really scared of? takes a comprehensive look at bullying, resting the blame squarely on the bully, exposing them for who they really are, their inner most secrets, the tools they use to abuse and demonstrates how easy it is to stop them. My books have something for everyone - victims, parents, friends, teachers, principles law makers and governments. 
Bullies Don’t Hurt Me Anymore, offers the reader: 
1. Age appropriate language with the
    tools to defeat bullying for this age group.  
2. Clear instructions for self defence. 
3. The language skills needed to explain
    bullying to parents. 
4. Instructions and checklist for parents
    and teachers to help support
    and empower children.

Front cover of Bullies Don't Hurt Me Anymore

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Bullying What are we really scared of? offers the reader: 

1. The truth - what bullies don't want you to know.

2. A clear defense plan to defeat all bullies. 

3. Empowerment to all victims and bystanders. 

4. Hope - it's not all doom and gloom, you can defeat it.

  Bullying What are we really scared of book cover

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Does your school have a bullying problem? I have designed a School Bullying Program to help “retrain” bullies, help teaching staff and help victims deal with bullying in a more productive way. Follow the School Bullying Program link below.
It’s time to take charge of your own life, time to learn how to stop all bullies so you can live your own life BULLY FREE.  
Never be scared again
Please note: if you are in an emergency situation contact your local emergency services. 
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